Footcare & Spa

Taking care of your feet should also be done as part of daily care. © 2011

Who doesn’t want their feet and nails to look gorgeous when wearing open shoes?

Footcare is a treatment of the feet like it is being done at a chiropodist. The difference being that we do not treat ingrown nails or corns.

Standard Footcare

This treatment takes about 60 minutes and consists of;

– Desinfecting footbath

– Footbath with cleaning deodorant lotion

– Modelling of nails

– Cuticle care

– Hydrating foot creme

Optionally this treatment can be extended with;

Foot Spa* (Scrub & Mask)

With this additional treatment the feet and lower legs are being scrubbed and treated with a special mask.

Your feet will look as new! This treatment is about 30 minutes.

Nail Polish

To complete the treatment as a final touch we’ll polish your nails in the colour you like.

*This treatment can only be taken in combination with the standard footcare

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