Traditional Thai massage is a special form of bodywork, introduced more than 2500 years ago in the temples of Thailand, as part of the traditional medicine art.

It is a ‘strong’ massage, carried out on a mat on the floor. You can keep on your clothes and no oil is being used. The physical manipulation harmonizes, correct and stimulates the body. At the same time you will experience mental peace.

massageThe massage is being practiced to treat physical complaints, diseases and illness. It is a complete body treatment that integrates acupressure, reflexology, yoga and typical stretch exercises.

Traditional Thai massage opens the body and brings the most important muscle groups in balance. It increases the suppleness and flexibility of the body and therefore it is very suitable for sportspeople and people with more specific muscle complaints. You will get more in touch with your inner self and it provides space to let tensions go.

This massage is very suitable for people with specific body and/or stress related complaints. Back, -shoulder, – and neck injuries, joint complaints, but also migraines and R.S.I. related issues are examples of this. By committing to thai massage these complaints can be reduced or even prevented.

Thai massage provides a deep relaxation, stimulates your energy level and helps to become more balanced.

Thai massage can in some cases feel uncomfortable or give a light pain during treatment. The technique being used is being applied in a dosed way. If you find the treatment during the massage too strong or too weak you can inform me about this immediately.