Thai footmassage is inspired by and originates from old Chinese massages.

They are over 3000 years old. It provides a surprisingly relaxed feeling and can help to improve several ailments within the body.

Thai foot massage differentiates from the western methods by working with Thai Oil & Cream and the use of a small wooden massage stick on the several zones within the foot.

The thought behind the Thai foot massage is that there is a disturbed balance in the unity of body and mind. The purpose of Thai foot massage is to recover this balance.

The nerve senses of the internal organs are spread out through the body and have a connection with the skin. Al these nerves are mostly found underneath the foot.

footmassageThai foot massage is a safe and secure method.

The treatment starts with a foot bath, after which the legs and feet are being massaged with a mixture of Oil & Cream. During the massage the reflex points of the feet are being stimulated.
The massage relieves tired legs, improves blood circulation and stimulates the organs within the body.

During the massage you can experience different emotions. The position of these emotions are in connection with a specific organ or body part. The emotions can reflect itself in pain, itch, colour difference, sweatiness, sensory etc. and indicate a recovery/improvement process has commenced.

The picture on the left hand side shows which locations on the foot are connected to which bodypart or organs. Click on the picture in order to see a larger image.

You can now also try the 90 minutes combination of Footmassage &  Thai Massage.