aroma massageAn aroma massage is a massage in which I will use a basic oil that is being supplemented by 100% natural esthetic oils. The compound is depending on your requirements and varies from person to person. The combination is determining for the effect of the massage.

Aroma massages have got a deeper effect as they work into body and soul. We will choose the oil together in a intuitive way or looking at complaints you might have.

Aroma massage is suitable for people that have complaints like; apathetic, tiredness, depression, headaches/migraine, back pain, neck- and shoulder pain and overall stress complaints. An aroma massage is very relaxing. The treatment consists of a full body massage and can last up to 2 hours.

The following areas are being massaged in a gentle way; feet/legs/abdomen/arms/hands/neck/shoulders/face/head and your back.

This is not to be compared to a sports massage. De touch is more gentle, less focused on specific muscles and covers your whole body. Because you get a full body massage you will feel more ‘connected’ with yourself. Ideal for people that have a lot on their mind. You will feel the tension drop and will have days of pleasure from the treatment.