Watpho Massage is a small massage studio at Vleuterweide  in Vleuten, Utrecht. I like to take the time for my customers. I have followed several certification tracks at the Wat Po school in Bangkok, Thailand.

Wat Pho is an old ancient Buddhist temple en is also known for the roots of the traditional Thai Massage. In the area of massages Wat Pho is internationally recognized. The massages are given in the tradition of Shivaku (Jivaka), I massage with pleasure  and will do everything in my capability to make your treatment satisfying.


After you arrival you can store your coat en depending on the massage you will be asked to change clothes. This clothing will be made available by us. You are welcomed by traditional music and incense.
Smoking is prohibited in my studio.

The Massage

You can choose from a variety of massages, some last up to 2 hours. Every type of massage is carried out on a traditional Thai massage mat. For some of the massages you will have to change clothes, we will provide you with clean clothes and towels.

Hygiene is very important, I would appreciate it if, before you come to me, you have taken acceptable body care into account. After every massage the used materials are being cleaned or replaced. Using a shower is not possible in my studio and is also not necessary.

After the treatment

Take some time for yourself after the treatment, I will provide you with the opportunity to do so. If during treatment you inform me about area’s that require extra care on your body and that these can be well treated, you need to take into account that these areas can be (extra) sensitive for a short period of time after the massage.

This sensitivity is only for a short period and after a day it will disappear, then you will notice the results of the massage.