I also sell massage articles. At this point in time they are for sale in my studio or can be ordered via e-mail. In case you order via e-mail you will receive an invoice. After the invoice has been paid in advance the articles will be shipped with signed postage.

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100% Extra Virgin Coconut OilA true biological coconut oil that can be used for massage, dry skin or as a hare care product. This oil is of high quality and only requires small amounts in application. The oil has a very pleasant coconut fragrance.Because the oil turns solid below 27 degrees Celsius, the oil should be slowly heated until it is completely clear.30ML60ML



€ 7,50


€ 10,00

€ 12,50

Spa Refreshing Oil
This oil consist of mineral oil and hydrogenated ricinus oil and perfume.This oil is excellent in use for massage and has a nice differentiating fragrance.
100ML€ 7,50
 Watpho Massage Utrecht Thaise Massage

Spa Balm is a traditional Thai tigerbalm, that provides a warm/hot feeling. It is suitable for the treatment of bruises and muscle pain.
This balm is also used during traditional Thai massages.
50ML€ 7,50
Watpho Massage Utrecht Thaise MassageFoot massage balm is used to relax the muscles, stimulate the blood circulation and treatment of muscle pain.This balm is also used during foot massages.50ML€ 7,50,-
 Watpho Massage Utrecht Thaise MassageWangphrom Tiger balm is a traditional Thai tiger balm that provides a cold feeling during treatment. It is used for treatment of muscle pain, bruises and swellings. It can also be used for skin burn.
This balm is also used during traditional Thai massage.
50ML€ 10,-