1. Keep as much as possible 1.5m distance before and after the treatment.
  2. We say hello with a smile (Thai style) and not by shaking hands.
  3. I always use clean materials and towels for every customer.
  4. Both myself and you wash our hands before and after a treatment.
  5. Every contact that is not necessary should be avoided at all times.
  6. After every treatment everything in my practice gets cleaned, disinfected and ventilated.
  7. It is obliged to wear a face mask.
  8. In case you have mild cold symptoms, we will move the appointment.
  9. Pay contact-less as much as possible, that is possible by an online transfer with your mobile banking app and in principle this is an instant payment.
  10. The toilet is accessible and is cleaned after every usage.
  11. Both you and me have a responsibility to comply with this protocol.